Office Cleanouts in Utah Valley

With our office cleanout services, you won’t ever have to haul junk out of your office on your own. Leave this difficult work in the capable hands of our full-service professionals.


When you have an office job in Salt Lake City, you’re busy enough already. Keeping that office clean is a whole other beast. Chances are, you don’t have time for DIY office cleanouts and other kinds of commercial junk removal. Don’t worry, though. At Junk Movers, we’re ready to clean out your cluttered office space for a fair and affordable price!

Thanks to us, you can clean out your office without even lifting a finger. Not only will we handle all the work for you, but we can also be there as soon as today or tomorrow. So don’t wait to get in touch. Junk Movers is ready to get moving!

Why Us for Office Junk Removal?

The employees in your office have important business to attend to, much like yourself. There are reports to file, paperwork to complete, and information to be entered into your database. The last thing you want to do is let junk throw a wrench into the gears of progress! If productivity has taken a dive thanks to clutter in the office, we can help! Additionally, if you are relocating or shutting down your office, we can help you pack that old stuff up and go!

Junk Movers does office cleanouts so you don’t have to overwork yourself. We know that removing office junk can be a tough project. Not only do you have to haul around heavy items, but you also have to take multiple trips to the curb. That’s assuming the city is willing to pick up your office junk at all. By letting us handle the clean out project, you can avoid any worries about the office junk removal process. We remove and dispose of everything, meaning you can just focus on your daily operations instead of junk!

Our Office Junk Removal Process

  1. We know you have a tight schedule, so count on us to be there right on time. We will even give you a courtesy call when we are heading towards your office.
  2. Upon our arrival, let’s take a few minutes to say hello. Then, we’ll check out all the office junk and provide you with a firm, upfront service quote.
  3. After you have approved our price, we will start removing all the clutter from your office. We won’t leave anything behind, and we’ll sweep the floors as a bonus.
  4. Lastly, we’ll review our work, accept your payment, and leave so we can dispose of the junk. That’s how junk removal works with Junk Movers!

Office Furniture Removal

The heaviest items in an office are often all the different pieces of furniture. Consider all the furniture you have in your office, and it quickly begins making sense. All of your workers do their tasks at a desk, and they all sit on a computer chair. Additionally, you have meeting tables, filing cabinets, and sofas in the lobby. That’s a lot of furniture, and when it’s time to remove it, you should turn to the professionals for help. After all, it’s not easy to move all those bulky items around!

Fortunately, furniture removal is a breeze for Junk Movers. Our team consists of many capable members that won’t shy away from heavy lifting. Feel free to watch as we lift up your furniture by both sides and guide it out the door. It won’t be long before it’s been loaded onto our truck! Where does your office furniture go after we drive away? Well, if it’s in good condition, we’ll make sure it’s donated to a local donation site such as the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

About Us

At Junk Movers, we believe there is no alternative to excellence. That’s why you should skip the “big box” businesses that are constantly cutting corners and turn to us instead. We are a locally owned and operated company that focuses on affordable prices, fast service, and treating you with the courtesy you deserve. You’re our neighbor, and we want to serve you right. Whatever office junk you have, you can trust us to haul it away with a thumbs-up and a positive attitude!

Office Junk We Take

Fax Machines
Potted Plants
Wall Art
Old Decorations
Cardboard Boxes

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • review rating

    Wow, Junk Movers are phenomenal! It took them less than a half hour to load up the items from my garage and yard that I wanted gone. Friendly and courteous team, and I definitely would recommend using this service!

    M M
  • review rating

    Drew and his crew did an EXCELLENT job of hauling away commercial construction debris. They were on time, communicative and the quality was outstanding.

    Patti Spenrath
  • review rating

    1800gotjunk didn’t show up so I called these guys at the last minute. He showed up within an hour to give me an estimate and they did the work the next day. Absolutely phenomenal! I was so impressed with them! They were professional, courteous, fast, efficient and strong! They arrange everything in the trailer so tight that you definitely get your moneys worth. And they were not that expensive. They cleaned out my garage, back porch and basement in under 3 hours! Incredible! I will be recommending them to everyone I know.

    Joy Saethre
  • review rating

    Drew called me to give me a quote and was very kind. They arrived an hour sooner than expected, which is a positive in my book, and gave me a very reasonable quote. They cleared everything I needed away with a smile and were nothing but professional and courteous. It wasn’t until AFTER that I read the reviews online and am wondering how these guys got anything less than 5 stars. I will recommend Drew and his crew to anyone and will use them again if I need them.

    Wahsatch Outdoors
  • review rating

    Responded right away to give an estimate. Came when arranged, friendly and professional. Also, very helpful, they moved a chair down the stairs to help my mom. Definitely will call next time we need things removed.

    Theresa Larcade
  • review rating

    This company was so great to work with! They don’t just remove junk, they are movers too. I bought a new house and they moved everything for me in only 5 hours (in the rain, with no complaints, and above and beyond mentality. Definitely recommend. I checked several mover companies, and Utah Junk Movers are very very competitive.

    Samantha Mitchell
  • review rating

    Excellent service. These guys really seem to enjoy helping people out and took extra measures to ensure we were taken care of. We’ll absolutely call this company again when we need something cleaned out quickly and without any stress.

    Carter Peterson
  • review rating

    We just had our service done today after calling only yesterday to schedule a service time. They were on time and very fast getting everything into the trailer. We had a couple of large trees fall down several months ago so there were huge piles of branches that needed to be gone. They were professional and gave us a firm quote before starting the job, and it was a reasonable price for them taking away the headache of moving it all ourselves. I don’t normally spend money for convenience, but this was a huge relief to us. I would definitely recommend this company!

    Lindsey Elaine

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